Friday, November 22, 2013

"Made in the USA"--It's a Big Deal!

Does "Made in USA" matter to you?  It sure does to us!

Here at Harmony All Natural Aromatherapy Cleaners

we are proud to say that our products are

100%  "Made in the USA."

In fact we are so "down home" that the majority of our plant-based ingredients are actually grown in Kentucky, the state where we formulate, blend, package and distribute our products.

It's hard to get more "Down Home" than that!

If you have read our blogs for any length of time—
you know we believe in supporting the local economy.

 We "walk the talk"

 About the owner:

After losing several family members to cancer, Sharron McAdams decided to change many of her routines, including the household cleaners that she used.  Wary of chemical cleaners, she set out to make a line of non-toxic products with the help of her husband, Jerry.

Sharron runs HG Labs, LLC., a "Certified Women Owned Business", whose product lines are:  Brightly Green All Natural Cleaners,  Harmony All Natural Aromatherapy Cleaners and Baby Harmony All Natural Cleaners. Her husband Jerry, is the Technical Director and Formulator of HG Labs, LLC.

All of these product lines, green cleaners, essential oils, and all natural air fresheners can be found in one convenient location:  Brightly Green Home Store.

 HG Labs, LLC., proudly  distributes their eco-friendly products across the USA, while supporting their local economy!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Must Haves--Healthy Eating!

Most people who are concerned about their eating habits either give up altogether on eating healthy or guilt themselves when they "fail" their diets during the holidays.

Whether you are hosting the parties or attending them, it is possible to eat healthy during the holidays, and still enjoy your favorite holiday foods.

Read more for a few quick tips…

Monday, November 11, 2013

Holiday Must Haves-- Generosity!

You have heard the saying, "It is better to give than to receive."
If that is true--how can you put it into practice this holiday season?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Five Green Holiday Savings Tips

I love to save money whenever possible, don't you?

Before getting into the full swing of the holiday season,
prepare yourself with money savings green tips.

Read on for simple, quick holiday tips...