Thursday, March 17, 2016

Five Ways NOT to Green Your St. Patrick's Day!

Can't we lighten up and not worry about what we are doing to the environment or to ourselves for just ONE DAY! 

Don't "Green" St. Patricks' Day...

Thursday, March 10, 2016

HG Labs Green Cleaning Company Spotlight Shines on...


Who is Clean Homes Colorado?
A top-notch, eco-friendly house cleaning service dedicated to making the homes in Boulder County and North-Metro Denver safer, greener and cleaner.

Clean Homes Colorado began with a vision Sarah Cecil had to make her home and the world safer for her children.  Sarah dedicated herself to the quest of finding solutions to the problems of traditional house cleaning which could be summed up as the use of toxic chemical cleaners, and excess water and paper usage.

Clean Homes Colorado's solutions to traditional house cleaning woes are simple:  use 100% all natural green cleaners, eliminate paper cleaning products and use digital scheduling and receipts. Sarah and her carefully screened team of professional cleaners are committed to the preservation of the safety of their clients, their families, and the environment.

Clean Homes Colorado is driven to exceed client expectations.  They want their clients' homes to not only be clean but to feel clean.  Going the extra mile is seen through their attention to details, professionalism, and above-the-top helpfulness.  Meeting the expectations of clients is not enough for the professional cleaners of Clean Homes Colorado, they strive to exceed expectations on a daily basis!

The right green cleaners MATTER! 
HG Labs' quality all natural cleaning product lines Brightly Green and Harmony--deliver!

HG Labs LLC family of green cleaners produce the same top quality, safe, non-toxic, green clean.  The Brightly Green line focuses on concentrates which are perfect for commercial needs as used by Clean Homes Colorado LLC.  The Harmony line is HG Labs' retail line found in Whole Foods Markets.  Baby Harmony of HG Labs specializes in green cleaners formulated especially for the needs of infants and small children.  While all of HG Labs family of quality green cleaners are safe around infants and young children, Baby Harmony is extra  sensitive for baby! 

All HG Labs family of green cleaners are available for the public found at
Brightly Green Home Store

"HG Labs Brightly Green cleaning products give us a wide variety of choices to use on the surfaces we encounter every day.  We love them because they complement our work in every way.  We don't find ourselves exerting extra effort to wash those extra tough areas, and we love that we have unscented options and that the whole line of products are gentle on our hands but get our homes CLEAN."                       --Sarah Cecil

Clean Homes Colorado's team of professional green cleaners are asked daily, "What are you using?  My house is so CLEAN!"  The safe, green clean homes clients of Clean Homes Colorado receive on a weekly basis keep the referrals flowing in! 

Make your home the next recipient of a safe, non-toxic, thoroughly green cleaned home by Clean Homes Colorado LLC!