Friday, April 29, 2016

Green Cleaning Spree for Special Occasions

What special event planned at your home is on your calendar?  Do you feel like it is "crunch time" to get your house in order before guests arrive?
Consider our tried and true, quick and effective green cleaning tips.  (Tested by HG Labs social media representative, Brenda, before graduation Open House event at her home.) 

Washing walls in record time:

Are your walls looking grungy? 
Don't think you will ever have the time to get around to green cleaning them! 
Spray Harmony Aromatherapy Multi-Purpose Cleaner on a microfiber mop cloth and wash walls without a bucket of water or rinsing. 
This is a HUGE time saver!!

Greasy kitchen surfaces—no problem!
Due to the natural tendency kitchens have of collecting grease, even on windows and blinds, opt to use Harmony Aromatherapy All-Purpose Degreaser on these surfaces for faster green clean results.  Allow Harmony Aromatherapy All-Purpose Degreaser to sit on the surface for a minute.  Harmony Aromatherapy All-Purpose Degreaser does the work of loosening grease and grime from surfaces; saving you elbow grease and time!

Lightening round dusting:
Slide on a microfiber dusting mitt and spray Harmony Aromatherapy Wood Floor Cleaner on the mitt. 

Wipe down dusty surfaces in a jif! 

Non-carpet floor surfaces ready for action:
No time for a bucket of water and rinsing; you've got a party to get ready for!  Spray floor surface with Harmony Aromatherapy Wood Floor Cleaner or Harmony Aromatherapy Granite and Tile Cleaner and wipe clean! 

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