Friday, January 31, 2014

Think Essential Oils for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is just two weeks away! 

Guys, do you have a game plan for that special woman in your life.

Why not consider giving her the gift of essential oils and all natural air fresheners!

Why? You ask.  Think about it like this, the winter has been long and cold in most places—what better way to feel the woman you love to feel refreshed and rejuvenated than to have a spa-like experience in the comfort of her own home! 

Harmony Essential Oils can deliver that much desired revitalization and renewal she needs!

Harmony Essential Oils can be used in multiple ways:

--with bath salts they create the perfect spa-bath experience

 --as hair & scalp conditioners

--in reed diffusers to freshen a room

--when added to a carrier oil, Harmony Essential Oils can aid in respiratory, and joint/muscle aches (consult your doctor before using for medicinal purposes)
   Bath-Spa Recipe: 
15 drops of Harmony Lavender Essential Oils, 1 Tablespoon baking soda, ½ cup Epsom salt

Mix dry ingredients together then add the lavender essential oil.  Add ¼ cup of bath salt mixture to running bath water.  Place extra salt in a glass jar to store for next spa experience.

Consider creating a "Valentine" gift basket with an assortment of Harmony Essential Oils for your special someone!

To order Harmony Essential Oils go to:  Brightly Green Home Store

FREE SHIPPING on Home Store orders $40.00 or more!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Celebrating: Veteran Maids

Our green cleaning company spotlight shines brightly on…

A veteran owned family business in northern Virginia
--where superior cleaning and rock-bottom prices make cleaning affordable to all!

 Why Veteran Maids began:
After much researching & then hiring a "green" cleaning company to give their new residence a move-in cleaning, they were anything but impressed.  Harsh smells hit their senses and the cleaning job was sub-par, at that moment Mary Hilarski and her Navy veteran husband decided "they could do better." 

What sets Veteran Maids apart:
First of all they are a very personable, family-owned business.  Secondly, Veteran Maids will match any competitor's price and give an additional 20% off!  Thirdly, they offer veteran and active duty military discounts.

Why Veteran Maids chose HG Labs cleaning products:
Owner Mary Hilarski had this to say about HG Labs cleaning products, "I have used expensive products, cheap products, and everything in between and nothing I have ever used comes close to the cleaning power of HG Labs cleaning products."

Their customers love the fact that there are no chemical smells with HG Labs cleaning products, only the wonderful essential oil smells.  They also are very satisfied with the effectiveness of HG Labs green cleaning products as they deep green clean like none other.

Veteran Maids desires to Build, Branch & Donate:
Build their customer base through supplying superior green cleaning
Branch green cleaning into more commercial settings with HG Labs products
Donate to veterans as they are a veteran, family-owned business!

For more information be sure visit Veteran Maids' website!  
They have online booking available that is quick and easy to do! 
Also learn more about their awesome discount! 

HG Labs has three, top quality product lines:
 Baby Harmony Pure & Free 
 Brightly Green Concentrates
All three product lines can be found in one convenient location:


Monday, January 13, 2014

Create Margin--Through Busting Time Wasters!

If you are a person who is able to accomplish what you desire to do each day, then skip this blog post.  If you never feel like you have enough time for __________(fill in the blank), keep reading…

Many of us feel like we are chasing our tails, or spinning in a hamster wheel; yes we are moving but not seeming to accomplish what really matters! We hit the bed exhausted and fall asleep (or not depending if our minds can get off the wheel) only to wake up tired the next morning to start the routine all over again!  Something is wrong with the picture of waking up—tired; am I right?
Stop running on the hamster wheel for a moment and consider this question: 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Getting the Right Momentum in 2014

Many of us have the best of intentions as we start off the New Year! How many of us, I wonder, fall because we have over extended ourselves and the energy to keep up with all the resolutions cannot be sustained.

Before charging full speed ahead—join me this month in looking at ways to Create Margins.  As margins in books leave space; margins in life leave space—space for reflection, rest, renewal, etc.

Creating Margins will help protect your goals from derailing and help you achieve your goals without creating unnecessary stress in the process.

I am excited to delve into ways of Creating Margins!  I hope you will find the discoveries to be beneficial for your life too!

Harmony Clean in 2014!
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