Wednesday, May 16, 2018

All Natural Degreaser Shortens Spring Cleaning Tasks

Spring cleaning is about deep cleaning, right?  Ugh!  This may conjure up memories of scrubbing for seemingly endless hours.  But, not this year!!   

This season of Spring Cleaning, you NEED a SAFE, NATURAL, NON-TOXIC DEGREASER that can tackle the gunky surfaces where dirt and grime hang out (they think undetected), WITHOUT the scrubbing effort! 

A natural degreaser that cuts scrubbing time?  Game on!

“Harmony Aromatherapy All-Purpose Degreaser uses a natural solvent derived from corn to dissolve greasy deposits and natural plant-based surfactants lift soils from the surfaces.”
                                                                                         --Prof. Jerry McAdams 
                                           (formulator and technical director for Brightly Green)

Why Harmony Aromatherapy All-Purpose Degreaser is better:

“Unlike other popular degreasers”, continued Prof. McAdams, “Harmony Aromatherapy All-Purpose Degreaser does not contain any toxic solvents.  It has been designed to provide heavy duty cleaning by using only environmentally friendly and safe all-natural and plant-based ingredients.”

“Roll-up your sleeves surfaces” for Harmony Aromatherapy All-Purpose Degreaser:

cleaning ceiling fan blades
behind stoves & refrigerators (wall and floors)
window blinds 
ceiling fan blades
Under the sink

Laundry Room:
Boot/shoe rack
Behind washer/dryer (wall and floors)

Any surface that needs dirt and grime gone!

Virtually, any place where dirt and grime have been hanging out!

“Harmony Aromatherapy All-Purpose Degreaser has cut in half the time it used to take me to clean my window blinds and ceiling fans!  It really works! “     --Brenda (customer & fan of Harmony Aromatherapy)



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